234SC Indonesian gay clan?? Jewish leader?

December 29, 2007 at 12:22 am (funny story)

I just wondering about Indonesian (some people says) most famous clan named 234SC.

When I came to Jakarta, it’s like about 2-3 years ago, my friend told a short story about 234SC. He says that most “powerful” clan.

Powerful clan? I just smiling and asking him, ” What are you talking about powerful clan? ” My friend tell about 234SC owning by Yapto, leader of Pemuda Pancasila and Patriot Pancasila Party, politic party.

I never heard that guy’s name or that Pemuda Pancasila or Patriot Pancasila things before. I’m asking my friend for details, ” Is he have International reputation? ”

He said, ” No, he’s just local guy who own that clan “. LOCAL? That so makes me giggling. How people think about that guy, Yapto, the most powerful man and his clan so powerful? How it can be? He doesn’t have any International reputation even a little things (criminal, or others discipline organization world class ).. I heard about Yapto hobbies, hunting. That’s all? Hunting just for kiddies, not for a serious guy.

One day my friend asked me to go along to the party that he said that was the private party held by abi yapto, one of the children from Yapto. because I was curious who Yapto and who Abi yapto, then I followed my friend’s invitation. after I get there, the discotique’s name I have forgotten, abi was celebrating his birthday party. Evidently only the party that not too much luxury. Just like others discotique. there I saw the person who had a name abi yapto. his face like gay. I asked my friend, he the person what? My friend answered him the descendants jewish. Suddenly I’m laughed out loud. beforehand I also brought some friend from my country, they also went along laughing. I said to my friend, ” in Japan the person a looks like Abi Yapto only could be the laughing joke. my friend said, “you should not speak like that here, you could come home remained name”. I felt amused to hear him, I can’t see any dangerous here. I did not see the existence of just a few serious threats.

I will continue my story tomorrow, I got to go now. I have to go to the airport and fly to Del Mar, my cousin held his farewell party at Del Mar. Well, just wait my cont’d story.

Sorry for my bad English, some words may not perfect correctly.

See ya readers!

@ Hatuko Yamada


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